North West London Psychotherapy Centre

When life is difficult, painful or traumatic, psychotherapy offers understanding, support, healing and the opportunity to consider choices.

The Therapeutic Experience…

The therapeutic experience is a collaborative time of mutual exploration in which your therapist or counsellor will be a partner in guiding you through difficult or problematic times.

Having created a safe space which fosters trust and understanding, your therapist or counsellor can then offer guidance in the form of reflections and interpretations of issues that arise. However, the process is always your own individual journey.

The Origin of Psychotherapy

The term ‘psychotherapy’ originates from the Greek psyché (soul) and therapeia (attendance, care, healing, service). We, at NWLPC, strive to provide all this and more.

The Therapeutic Alliance

Psychotherapy is a process of healing the innermost parts of ourselves to create possibilities for change.

Psychotherapy offers understanding, support, and the opportunity to consider choices and create change.

Our NWLPC psychotherapists and counsellors create a safe, caring, creative space in which you can discover a deep sense of who you are, develop the capacity to face difficult emotions, and access inner resources to create possibilities for change.

You will step into a world of self-discovery and understanding.

You will find the courage to face difficult experiences and emotions, and access inner resources.

We, at NWLPC, work with people of all ages and walks of life who may be struggling with difficult emotions or experiences. 




Throughout everyone’s life there are good times & not so good times…

Established in 1984, the North West London Psychotherapy Centre (NWLPC) incorporating the Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre (CPC) offers a wide range of therapies to individuals, couples, families, groups and organisations.

We also provide a range of workshops and retreats.

Together with your psychotherapist or counsellor as your guide, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery. You will explore the inner workings of your life in new ways. This will enable you to recognise your hidden potentials, strengths and personal solutions. A process of healing can then begin to unfold in which you will gain increased self-confidence, self-reliance, and improved relational interactions.

The Therapeutic Alliance: Our therapists & counsellors recognise that you are totally unique. For this reason your experience will be a collaborative partnership in which you will be guided though the complexities of your life, feel safe, heard and held.

Your Initial Consultation will be with a senior psychotherapist.
You will have the opportunity to discuss the issues you are facing; the frequency and form of your therapy; and the counsellor or therapist who will best address your individual needs. You can ask any questions you have about the process and practicalities of being in therapy and decide whether individual, couple or group therapy is most suitable for you. 

We work closely with you to explore, understand and resolve your issues.

Who we are…

We are a Group of highly experienced Psychotherapists & Counsellors who are dedicated to healing & personal discovery.  

We work in person from our own Consulting Rooms in different locations including: London, Midlands, Sussex, Yorkshire & Edinburgh.


We also provide remote consultations via telephone and video platforms such as Zoom, FaceTime & WhatsApp in the UK and worldwide.

We hold diversity and inclusion central to the ethos of NWLPC. All our therapists are committed and sensitive to issues including ageism, ethnicity, gender identity, disability, race, religion, and sexuality. 

Growth with Solid Foundations

Our Approach…

We understand that as a unique individual, one style of therapy may be more suitable for you than others. For that reason, and unlike many organisations, our therapists come from different schools of psychotherapy and offer a variety of approaches.

Our therapists & counsellors specialise a in diverse range of therapeutic styles including: CBT; Creative Arts Therapies; Existential; Gestalt; Hypnotherapy; Integrative Therapies; Meditation; Mindfulness; Movement; Person Centred; Psychoanalytic; Psychodynamic & Transpersonal.  Learn More

We provide therapy for a wide range of personal & psychological issues including: Abuse; Addictions;  ADHD; Anger Management; Anxiety; Bereavement; BPD; Bi-Polar; Coping Difficulties; Depression; Eating Disorders; Grief; Loss; Low Self-Esteem & Confidence; Panic Attacks; Stress; Suicidal; Trauma.  Learn More